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About Us

This woman run small business is dedicated to helping you live more peacefully with your canine companion.  With an emphasis on training in every service we offer, we make sure your dog is getting the most out of life!


Our Story

Emily graduated from Western Illinois University in 2016 with a Zoology degree.  She has always known she wanted to work with animals.  Dog training called to her even at a young age, training her first agility dog through middle and high school.

After graduating, Emily worked for a local facility for 4 years, studying dog training from mentor Chad Mackin.  She started in daycare and worked her way up to be a full-time trainer.  Through her time in daycare, and through Chad, Emily learned the true importance of properly structured dog socialization.  This is where her passion lies.  During her time there, Emily met Jen.  It was clear they made a good team - collaborating between departments, resolving issues, and working seamlessly together.

When COVID struck, Emily got some much-needed time off - which gave her lots of time to think about her future and where it might lead.  Emily made the difficult decision to quit her job and go off on her own.  Soon after, Jen left as well and started her own business.  In 2022, they collaborated together and merged businesses.  Since 2020, Jen & Emily have been working for themselves and couldn't be happier.  They have spent the time since growing themselves as people and becoming more self aware.


In the summer of 2021, Jen's younger sister, Franki, started spending time with the duo, helping out and learning all about dogs and business.  Franki has been a huge help and a wonderful addition to the team.  Together, the 3 of them (affectionately dubbing themselves "The Sanderson Sisters") are a force to be reckoned with.  They have started their working dog journey together, training their most recent pack additions in personal protection work.  Their passion lies in socialization and helping dog/owner teams better communicate with each other.  They can't wait to help you in your personal journey.

Meet The Team


Owner, Trainer

Emily has been training professionally since 2016, but has enjoyed training family and friend's dogs ever since she could walk.

Emily has 4 personal dogs with her husband, Mick.

  • Dublin - Shiba Inu

  • Seamus - Doberman Pinscher

  • Roisin - Doberman Pinscher

  • Shillelagh - American Pit Bull Terrier

She competes with Roisin in GRC and with Shillelagh in PSA and GRC.

She prides herself on continued education and attends a seminar or 2 of other trainers each year to continue her knowledge journey.



Owner, Trainer

Jen grew up in a large chaotic family, with lots of dogs. Dogs were always just part of her family. When she was 1 year old she was given her first dog. As a little girl she wanted to be a vet or anything with dogs. Due to a rough childhood Jen’s hopes and dreams were put on hold. Survival became a priority, shifting her life direction. After high school Jen attended the American Academy of Art, and quickly realized that was not the career path for her. Throughout her 20’s she had a few customer service related jobs. In 2016 Jen bought her first personal dog as an adult which rekindled her love for dogs. In 2018 Jen took a leap of faith and applied for her first job in the k9 industry. She spent the next 5 years growing and learning from really awesome trainers. Going to conferences and seminars she has really created her own version of an education. Now Jen lives with her 3 dogs; Farley, Mika and Waylon, and her long term boyfriend Jeff. She participates in GRC, and PSA with her APBT Waylon. In the future she hopes to have a facility in nature, so she can provide the best biological fulfillment to all canines.



Franki is a 16 year old aspiring dog trainer that has been learning from EMC2  for about two years. She has three dogs of her own, a Papillon mix named Suri, an Australian Cattle Dog named Saunter, and a Belgian Malinois named Destiny. Franki has shown an interest in dog training since the age of four when she received her first personal dog and has been learning through mentorship and classes since she was eleven. She currently has experience in multiple aspects of the dog world and participates in PSA, GRC, Obedience, and Agility. Franki also has a SR1 title on Saunter along with him knowing over a hundred commands and advanced obedience. She hopes to further her competition experience with both Destiny and Saunter and dreams of becoming a professional dog trainer in the future.

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