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Sam started working with dogs 10 years ago, but her ability to have a relationship with animals follows her back to her childhood. She started out as a dog daycare manager, so she has a solid understanding of dog body language. Grooming can be an extremely stressful event for a lot of dogs, but Sam has a zen-like quality that is contagious to dogs of all temperaments. Sam takes her time with all of her clients, ensuring that every dog has a positive grooming experience. Sam graduated from the Midwest School of Pet Grooming in 2020 and has worked in a couple other local establishments. She currently lives with her 2 dogs, Bosko, a Newfoundland mix and Nora, a husky, and her long-term boyfriend. 

Base Cost: $50/hour

All grooming starts off with an hourly charge that is built upon based on the dog.

Matting Charge: +$10/hour

Dogs that are heavily matted incur an additional charge.  Just another reason to keep up with daily brushing at home!

Style Cut: +$10/hour

If you want an extra special hair cut!

Over 50#: +$10/hour

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