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Socialization is our bread and butter.  It's where we started.  We believe that proper socialization with other dogs can be very beneficial for our canine companions.  We strictly supervise all dog interactions to make sure that everyone is safe and happy.  When dogs need space, we help them get that without needing to use their teeth.  We listen to their body language and teach the other dogs to understand their communication in the process.

When done right, it's a truly beautiful thing.

For more understanding of what we do, we encourage you to watch "Dog Man: The Dick Russell Story".  Dick Russell is where we get our inspiration.

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Socials are FREE!!!

It was important to Dick that socialization be accessible to all.  We honor him by continuing to keep Socials a free activity.

We do accept and appreciate donations, but they are by no means expected.

Want to attend?

**We do require that all new participants attend our pre-social group training class for at least their first time so that we may assess your dogs behavior prior to integrating them into the group.

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