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Enrich My Canine Connection

We are dedicated to providing dogs with biological fulfillment while also providing owners the skills, education, and tools to have the best quality relationship with each other.

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Our Happy Clients!

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"I highly recommend EmC2 Dog training with Emily Carey. I have a 3 year old Great Pyrenees Lab mix dog.  He is a very protective LSG dog who was very difficult to handle as a puppy. I honestly thought there was no hope and considered rehoming him a few times. Emily worked with us on resource guarding and handling him on walks as well as understanding my dog from a psychological point of view. I've learned from Emily that establishing trust and learning to read my dog's body language is the first step and the most important one in creating a special bond with my dog.  In addition to Emily's training services, Sunny participates in play/training sessions and loves getting pampered and groomed by Emily and Jennifer.  EmC2 dog training is a one-stop shop!!"

-Yaixa Episcopo & Sunny


Call/Text: (224) 769-5078

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